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Welcome to Reception - St Francis of Assisi (R Francis)


''Feast Day 4th October  For it is in giving that we receive''    

Our teaching and learning team consists of the following Early Years Practitioners:

Mrs Daubney, Mrs Amin, Mrs Jones 

Message from Mrs Daubney

Welcome to Year R's website page. At St Joseph's we value the importance of the Early years and our children are able to learn through play-based activities. Our recently refurbished classroom is filled with natural, neutral resources that inspire curiosity and wonder for our children. Throughout the day the class are able to move freely between our classroom and outdoor area where there are a wide variety of items available to explore that reflect all aspects of the Early Years curriculum. Our skilled members of staff work with the children to extend their learning through their interests and play. Through their knowledge of the curriculum, staff are able to respond to children's individual needs and skills, developing them through ways that are relevant to the children. Activities such as sewing, baking, music, dance and outdoor learning are all regularly included in our timetable. At St Joseph's we want to ensure our children grow spiritually and develop their connection with God. In our class we join in with daily worships, either in class or as a whole school, we say our prayers and learn about key stories from the Bible, we even have a class prayer bear! We recognise the importance of family in our young children's development and actively encourage our families to share with us through our online learning journal system. We are able to send photos about the school day to families and they can send us photos too. When the children start with us we pair them up with one of our Year Six pupils as buddies, who look after them during their first year in school. They play with them, sit with them in church, help with their learning and more! The children often develop a lovely friendship with their buddies, that continues beyond their time with us. 

We also do a lot of shared learning with the Year one class, so when the time comes for our children to move on to their next class - the transition is not such a scary one!

Please take a look at all the lovely pictures on our page showing the children enjoying themselves at various at activities!

Curriculum Documents - 2023/24

Curriculum Progression Maps

Curriculum Documents 2022-23

Virtual Tour Video

Take a look at our reception class area through the virtual tour video below.

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Science Experiment!

Frozen Fun!

“The Reception children were very excited to discover all of the frozen resources this week. They were very creative in trying to smash the ice! From using pots and pans to break through it, to throwing large chunks at the floor, they had a lot of fun

exploring it!” 

Mrs Daubney


Fun with the Autumn Leaves today 19th October 2022



In Reception, the children have been able to use their new sandpit area this week! The children have been desperate to have a go since Mrs Daubney created it but unfortunately the constant rain meant we weren't able to use it. Thankfully after a few good dry days, the sand had dried up and the children were able to explore this new area of their classroom!” Mrs Daubney


Boats in Reception!

“Reception have been learning about materials and which ones make good boats. They have looked at vocabulary such as waterproof, float, sink, mast, sail and rigging. They have also had fun testing materials in water. This research helped them when they made their own boat.” Mrs Chendhil



What can parents do to support learning?

We set weekly hometasks to support our learning in school.  Often these are linked to our Phonics work (we follow Letters and Sounds), early reading skills, pre-writing and handwriting and key mathematics skills.

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