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How can you help?

•  Listen to them reading daily, ask them about the story and characters

•  Practise counting, Maths games

•  Practise their spellings with them

•  Talk to them about what they have learnt

•  Help them to become more independent by encouraging them to stand in the line on their own before school and say good bye to them there, in the playground

•  Try to ensure they get a good night’s sleep

Useful Websites for Key Stage 1

Year 1 - Our Advent Wreath - December 2022

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YEAR 1 ART - 17th FEBRUARY 2022

In Art, we have been learning about the artist William Turner. We used one of his paintings as inspiration for our own paintings. It was called The Snowstorm. We used large paper and experimented drawing and painting on a big scale. We had a great time!”

We love reading!

“We love books in Year 1! We love going to the library each week and sharing our favourite books. This week, it was Ben's turn to choose a book. He shared it with us. We also read a chapter of our class book, which is called Molly Rodgers to the Rescue. We have been learning about pirates and love to hear some pirate stories.”

Miss Fulker  


Art Creations - February 2023

“We learnt about the artist J.M.W. Turner in Art and found out how he sketched and painted. We looked at his sketches and his painting 'Snowstorm'. We learnt that J.M.W Turner was unusual in that he enjoyed painting outside, which not many people did when he was alive. We decided that we would paint outside too and use our sketching and paint mixing skills to paint our own pirate ships. We saw how big some of Turner's paintings are and used large paper to understand how this can be different to sketching and painting in our sketchbooks. The children were very proud of their work.“ Miss Fulker



Learning about India

“In Geography, Year 1 have been learning about India and in particular, a village called Chembakolli. We have been using our knowledge of Newbury to compare it to Chembakolli. We have been comparing the physical and human features as well as comparing our school and a school in Chembakolli. To help us to learn more about India, some children brought in some artefacts and information about India. It was great for the children to share their experiences of India. They were very knowledgeable!” Miss Fulker


“This week, we made animal masks using all the techniques that we learnt last term. We created texture using paper. We curled it, ripped it, cut it and folded it to make our animal masks 3D. We used our knowledge of mixing colours to make sure that the animal prints that we made were the right colour. We also thought about the pattern on the animal and tried to create that pattern on our masks. I was very impressed with all of the children's effort. Well done!”

Miss Fulker





“Wow! What an amazing Term we have had! The children have worked so hard this term. We went to The Cotswold Wildlife Park which was great and we learnt lots about animals. We have been learning about Lent and how we can prepare and get to know Jesus during this time. The progress in your Maths and English has been amazing and I was particularly impressed with your instruction writing for making sandwiches for The Tiger Who Came to Tea. I hope you all have a restful Easter and I look forward to seeing you in the Summer Term.” Miss Fulker