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Welcome to Year 3 - St Therese of Lisieux (3 Therese)


Feast Day  1st October - A word or a smile is often enough to put fresh life into a despondent soul

Class Teachers : Mrs Whitehead and Mrs Garner

Teaching Assistant : Ms Maggs 

Year 3 is an exciting new step for our children as they move from KS1 to KS2 and start to take on greater responsibility for independent learning. We learn to support each other as we set out to meet the challenges of the year. We embrace all of this within the Christian ethos of our school family which is at the very heart of all we do.  Year 3 children look to the older children’s exemplary behaviour within the school as they aspire to become future role models for the school. Children who are showing these qualities are rewarded with Form Captain roles.

Curriculum Documents 2023/24

Curriculum Documents 2022-23


“Today in Year 3 Mrs Williams came from the Council and we had a Living well work-shop. We had a Powerpoint presentation and she told us about healthy eating. We all enjoyed learning about eating healthy and how to have a healthy lunch box. She also told us that we shouldn’t have more than 6 cubes / 24 grams of sugar.”
Sophie, George & Mateus

“It was about healthy things to eat like vegetables and fruit.” Sophie

“I liked the game we played. It was a quiz about what was healthy and what wasn’t.” Mateus

“I liked the first bit—looking at the labels to see if it was healthy or not.” George



“Year 3 had a visitor from West Berkshire council, Ellie. Ellie spoke to us about the importance of recycling and what we can do to help our environment. We sorted some rubbish into the correct containers and thought of names for the new recycling trucks.” Miss Cannon-Taylor


reduce reuse recycle

Coronation Day!

As part of our learning about the coronation, the children spent some time putting themselves in the shoes of the new King. They wrote about what they would do if they were King or Queen and drew self-portraits of themselves in this role (you can look forward to an exhibition of these next week). The vast majority of the children said that they would want to do things to bring peace to the world and care for people if they were a monarch – it really demonstrated what kind and thoughtful children they are.

In English and computing we have been researching and writing reports about different animals. The children wrote a final report last week using the research they had done at school and for homework. The results are fantastic and the reports are filled with fascinating facts about the vast range of animals they chose to write about. For example, did you know…

· Interestingly, pandas are only 99% vegetarian? They can eat eggs and small lizards or rodents sometimes. (research by Marcjanna)

· Surprisingly, a group of caterpillars is called an army? (research by Lyra)

· Intriguingly, capybaras can actually sleep in water? (research by Eva)

· Amazingly, peregrine falcons are the world’s most common bird as they live in every continent except Antarctica? (research by Ishaan)

 We will be publishing our animal reports soon using the desktop publishing skills we have been learning this term – watch this space!

Mrs Murphy



Living Well Workshop

“The Year 3 Living Well was superb! The lady talked about different elements of keeping yourself healthy, about looking at a happy mind and a happy body, fitness, eating well and mindfulness exercises.” Mrs Moores



Design Technology

“Year 3 have been hard at work finishing off their DT project to design and make a comfy cushion. They have worked so hard developing their sewing skills which they have used to decorate with applique and then to assemble their cushion. We have a real range of brightly coloured cushions in many different shapes with eye catching designs. I am really proud of the resilience that the children have needed to persevere with a challenging textiles project.” Mrs Murphy