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Welcome to Year 5 - St Catherine of Siena (5 Catherine)


Feast Day 29th April - 'Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire'

Class Teachers - Mrs Westall & Mr Robinson

Teaching Assistants - Ms Berry, Mrs Buckner, Mrs Lockhart, Miss Clark, Mrs Scott

One of our key focuses in Year 5 is preparing children for the transition into Year 6.  We teach them English and Maths based on the National frameworks and cover other subjects using our Creative Curriculum.  We actively encourage our children to use independence and creativity across our range of subjects.

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Curriculum Documents 2023/24

Curriculum Documents 2022-23

Anglo Saxons - January 2023

“On Tuesday 24th January, our Year 5s enjoyed a fascinating visit to the West Berkshire Museum. We were treated to an interesting talk on where the Anglo-Saxons came from and the children had the opportunity to handle artefacts discovered from the age. Encouraged to use their detective skills, they successfully attempted to deduce what the objects were and how they would have been used 1400 years ago.

In addition to this, the children had the chance to experience writing with runes, exploring the exhibits in the museum, dressing in Anglo-Saxon clothes and clay printing with replica stamps from the time.  The excitement and chatter on the walk to and from the museum would definitely suggest the children had a very rewarding morning.” Mrs Garner



Reading & supporting homework

We encourage children to become successful independent learners in order to prepare the children for year 6.  Children are encouraged to manage their own time in relation to homework and to use their creativity and imagination when carrying out the tasks.  

For Maths games, have a look at Woodlands Junior and BBC Bitesize.

Rushall Farm Trip!

“The Year 5s had a wonderful trip to Rushall Farm.  We started our day with a bumpy/fun tractor ride to the river. We were split into two groups where Paul and Helen showed the children how to measure the depth of the river at different points and how to measure the speed of the current using a tennis ball. It took quite a few attempts at mastering starting the stop watch and launching the tennis ball  but we got there in the end! Whilst this was being undertaken by half the class, the other half were enjoying searching in the reeds with fishing nets and collecting some interesting wildlife - including newts, tadpoles, crayfish and many others - the children really were so excited by what they found. After lunch outdoors we visited another part of the river in the woods to learn about how meanders form and we got to experience the bluebells covering the woodland floor. It was a beautiful day and we just managed to get out before the huge downpour.” Mrs Garner