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Year 6 Manor Adventure Residential 25th - 29th September 2023

We have arrived!

Day One - Climbing, Fencing, Archery and Axe throwing!

On Monday we started our adventure at Cromford Mill where we learned all about Richard Arkright and the amazing developments he brought to the area. The children were certainly glad not to have been living in the 18th century having heard about life working in the mill! As well as being immersed in the history of the place we also put our science and technology brains to work, understanding some of how the mill worked using water power. The children worked in teams to design a water wheel using Lego and K-nex along with plastic piping and then tested these with real water to see if they actually worked! Some of the designs were so good they were photographed for the website! A very successful start to our week away.


On arrival at the Castle, just around the corner, we got stuck straight into our first activity which was climbing and everyone showed their determination to challenge themselves as all the children and Mr Robinson scaled a huge rock face! The day ended with a very delicious dinner (the food here has been declared the best food ever!) and then a final activity of either fencing or axe throwing as the sun set.

Day Two - Archery, Fencing, Grass Sledging and Bushcrafts!

Tuesday was our first full day at Willersely Castle, which we found out had been built by Richard Arkright himself! The children threw themselves into a range of exciting activities including grass sledging, fencing, an afternoon of bushcraft survival skills, another delicious dinner and finishing the day with a very active, fun filled campfire. Everyone was feeling quite tired by bedtime!

Campfire Fun!

Day Three - Canoes/Kayaks

Wednesday began with a morning on the river with the children being able to experience kayaking in their own boat and then working with a partner to paddle a canoe. Lots of fun and games were played with a final 'treat' of a little swim in the river. It was very refreshing and was quickly followed by hot showers all round! After lunch some more axe throwing and archery and then a fun quiz. Aero ball and rifle shooting finished a very busy day three! 


The dormitory inspection each evening, has been taken very seriously by all groups and the staff have been blown away by the tidiest dormitories ever experienced on a Year 6 residential! Who knows who the final winners will be - it's all still to play for!


We are all excited for our final full day tomorrow where we will be experiencing the zip line and taking part in Manor Olympics!

Day 4

Fun on the Zip Wire!

Dinner time!