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School Clubs and Extra Curricular Activities

At St Joseph’s we are lucky enough to have a wide range of clubs and extra-curricular activities. Some clubs run throughout the year whilst others are only available on a termly basis. The school informs parents of new clubs starting through the school newsletter or individual class letters for specific year groups.

Music Lessons- Friday mornings, Year 1 - Year 6.

We have iRock music come in on a Friday morning to provide lessons on drums, guitar and keyboard. Please click on the link to their website for more information 

  • Year 5 & Year 6 Choir starts Monday 3rd October.
  • Year 5 & Year 6 Football starts Monday 3rd October

Baking Club 19th January 2022

IsabellaLage & Riaan Muniyal


French Club






KS2 Multi Skills

Wake and Shake Club!

“Wake and shake club got off to a great start this week, with children from lot's of classes starting their day with some good music and dancing!”

Mrs Daubney


Spanish Club!

We got to try out a few typical foods from Spain last week. Mrs Garner brought in for our delight:

Churros con chocolate which are doughnut like sticks covered with cinnamon and sugar. They were really good and even better dipped in chocolate sauce. Delicioso!

Chorizo -  Spanish sausage a little like salami with a light spicy taste from the paprika. The spice really complimented the flavour.

Tortilla - a Spanish omelette made with fried potatoes and onion. It was a very tasty omelette.

Aceitunas - olives these were quite a strong flavour and weren't very popular!

We then practiced ordering food in a restaurant.“ Anushka and Vedant, Y4