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Speed Stacking - 7th February 2023

On Tuesday 7th February, we went to Park House School for a Speed Stacking event the first ever held.

“I thought that I was really nervous, but it was super because we won!” Natalia

“I thought that it was very funny and my favourite part was doing extra large speed stacking with buckets!” Frank

“It was very funny and my favourite part was magic cups!” George

“It was so exciting because you got to stack cups. My favourite part was individual cup stacking!” Sophie

“I think it was amazing. It was so exciting when we won! My favourite part was extra large speed stacking with buckets where you had to make pyramids with them and put them back down!” Lyra

“I thought it was hard but funny and worth it when we won. My favourite part was when three people had to speed stack at the same time!” Prakhar

“Miss Howard and myself accompanied the children to the Speed Stacking event at Park House. The children were great ambassadors for the school, very polite and listened to instructions. They deserved to win!” Ms Berry




“On Thursday 2nd February, six children from Year 6 went to Park House School to participate in an archery tournament to represent our school. There were six games for us and different schools to score. We came 3rd place out of nine schools. We were shocked that we were able to come third and win a total of 450 points. We had an amazing time!” Louise, Isadora, Evie, Mo, Alex and Arthur

“The children were amazing, as some of them hadn’t done Archery before. The all worked well together and helped each other. A big thank you to Miss Howard for keeping the scores as it was fast moving.” Ms Berry




Irish Dancing

On Friday 22nd September we were treated to a day of Irish Dancing Workshops from the Ruddock Academy.  Each class had a session learning the basics steps.

Rebecca and Oscar told us “ The Irish Dancing was a fun experience.  We listened to many Irish songs and learned a few moves.  The moves were hard but fun.  The moves were called hop, skip, 23, jump and step behind.

At the end we got to see Joshua do one of his routines.”

We would like to thank Joshua Ruddock for coming in to teach the children.

Sports Day


Yoga helps children to nurture a positive image of themselves and others and teaches children that yoga is  science of both the body and the mind. The classes aim to maintain a child's natural flexibility. There are over 170 yoga postures that the child can explore, all of which increase a child's physical and mental strength, stamina and poise. The classes also aim to increase the level of oxygen within the blood through breathing techniques, which will offer optimum brain function and support children's learning.

Athlete Visit

This morning the school was lucky enough to be visited by  an Olympic high jump athlete, Robert Mitchell!

It was a really inspiring for the children to hear Rob’s story about his youth and realising his talent at only 7 years old!

All years were put through their paces in a special athlete circuit consisting of spotty dogs, press ups, start jumps and leg drives! The children really earned their sponsor money today, and we look forward to sharing our earnings as a school with you next week.

Awards were given out to those children who hit the bronze, silver and gold targets set out.

Special mention given to Aaditya (Y3) who managed to raise a staggering £366!!! Rob was so impressed he donated his signed hat to Aaditya!

Thank you also to all the staff who joined in to help the children—Mrs Maggs your plank was incredible and Mrs Tucker you really know how to dig deep!

WELL DONE everyone! Great work, we will now be able to invest in some much needed sports equipment for the school!

Fit Friday!

Blue Skies Ahead: Fit Friday...no gym, no problem!

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SPORT 2019-20

Trinity 5-a-side Football Tournament

On Wednesday 18th Sep 2019,the year 5s and the year 6s went to a football tournament hosted by Trinity school in Newbury. The results weren’t what we expected but we tried our best and it was pretty fun but in reward of our respect to the referee we won the friendliest team in the tournament trophy.

The teams in the tournament were Falkland, cold ash, Hungerford, Springfield and St Josephs. The winners were Falkland, who were unbeaten.

From our School Jack, Patryk, Ryan, Ollie, Yuki and Jerry joined in to make our team better. Yuki was captain and he really improved our team by giving us tactics and picking our formation. Patryk and Ryan did phenomenal in goal with Yuki, Ollie and Jerry being a solid outfield and altogether we did amazingly well.

18th Sep

Oct 2019 – Y5/6 Girls Football ‘v’ Chievely

Wow! The year 5 & 6 girl’s football team blew us all away last Friday with their amazing team work and determination in our first match of the tournament against Chievely, here at St Joseph’s School. At first, the Chievely players appeared to be the more confident side, with the ball staying in St Josephs’ half and many opportunities missed. However, it was during this time we realised what a huge asset we had in our goalkeeper, Favour! The opposing side threw attack after attack, and Favour remained in position, commanding her area and often running out to break down an attack. Once our girls had warmed up, they broke away and nothing could stop them! Their passing was on point and Melissa took ownership as the first goal was scored 1-0 to St Josephs! Jessica C’s passes were impeccable, with Frankie and Jessica S's positioning and timing excellent. Isabelle and Gabriella's defending was full proof as they tackled the opposing team, breaking down any chances. Chievely managed to sneak the ball into our goal at the last minute 1-1. This meant the game went into extra time which did not deter the girls, even with a player down due to injury. They ploughed on scoring the winning goal and avoiding those dreaded penalties! The brave young lady who was injured in the game had the courage to re-join her team mates for the last 5 minutes, and I do believe this helped tremendously with the end result. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say how proud we are of the girls, having not had a lot of time to train, we didn’t expect such an outstanding performance in the first game! Truly inspiring. We’re looking forward to the next match against Robert Sandilands this coming Monday!


Year 1 & 2 Bowling! Wed 12th Feb 2020

KS1 Bowling Compe77on On Wednesday evening, 5 KS1 children visited Lakeside Bowling to take part in a bowling compe77on. There were around 20 schools there and each school played as a team. Some children hadn’t bowled before but everyone on the team tried their best and did really well! We also had a chance to play in the So Play Area which was really fun! We did really well and came 4th and so we got a silver medal. Well done to all the children for their amazing bowling skills and great team work!

KS1 bowling

Year 1 & 2 Mutli skills Oct 2019

On Thursday 17th October, a group of year 1 & 2’s attended a multiskills tournament at Park House! The organiser likened it to a ‘MASSIVE BIRTHDAY PARTY’ and It did not disappoint! We were one of 18 teams who attended this event! The children moved around the sports hall competing in a range of activities including archery, beanbag throwing, curling and Frisbee! They all worked really well as a team and represented our school very well demonstrating determination, passion, respect and self belief. Thank you also to all the parents who attended the event; without your help with transport, we would not be able to compete in these events—it was lovely to have your support!


Oct 19 - Girls Football

Girls football update by Melissa (Y5) This week, me, Jess (y5), Gabby, Favour, Isabelle, Frankie, Jess (y6) and Sophie M had a match against Robert Sandilands. Sadly, we lost 3-0 but we tried our best! We’re all extremely proud of the girls’ efforts this half term and are excited to build on this achievement after the break!


Year 5 & 6 Bowling! Thurs 6th Feb 2020

Yesterday a group of year 5 & 6 pupils from St Joseph’s took part in a bowling tournament at lakeside Super Bowl! It was a lot of fun and our pupils Isabella, Fadel, Muhammad, Emily, Bartosz and Archie worked really well as a team to win three out of the four games played! There were many strikes and spares and it was a joy to watch them have such a good time at this sporting event! Sadly, we did not earn enough points for a medal, but this didn’t really matter in the end as it was a great experience and the children thoroughly enjoyed it!! Thank you to the parents and carers who transported the pupils, we could not have made this happen without your help!


On Friday 6th March, the year 5's and 6's attended their first netball tournament! They were all very excited to play against other schools. We played extremely well and scored plenty of goals.



On Wednesday 11th March Y5 & Y6 took part in a hockey tournament. Considering a couple of them had never played hockey before, they did really well and had lots of fun!


Year 3 / 4 Football

Monday was a great team performance from the year 3/4 team, they all played amazingly with great spirit! We may not have got the results we hoped for, but the boys never gave up right up until the last whistle! Special mention to Caius for fantastic goal keeping throughout with some stunning saves!

Lots of great skills shown and definitely looking forward to seeing these boys progress! - Miss Shepherd.


St Josephs boys footall

This week St Joseph’s school attended two football events; a tournament at John Rankin and a match against Falkland Primary School. The boys were a bit apprehensive, and there were some tough games. However, their team work and constant can do attitude made us really proud to watch! Well done to all the boys who have taken part so far this term!

“It was fun and about taking part. We were unlucky as they scored goals against us (Falkland 5-0) so we went home. It was very fun even though we lost” - Jack (Yr5)

On Wednesday we had a football tournament with 3 teams; St Josephs, Hungerford and John Rankin. We were unlucky with the scores but we played good football and we kept our heads up and didn't give up! - Yuki (Yr6)

2 football

Y5/6 Boys Football Dec 19

Our year 5 & 6 boys took part in a tournament on Monday at Park House School. First, they played Curridge: oli took a shot at goal and the keeper just managed to deflect it—hard luck! However, the boys came back with a cracking goal from Jack 4 mins in 1-0! The second game was against Welford and Wycombe; brilliant attack from the boys, they spent most of time in opponents half! Oli took a penalty and hit the back of the net! Yuki was brilliant in defence constantly breaking the run of opponents. Because of this, Ryan our goalie only touched ball once! 1-0! The final game was a tougher game, but with great defence they managed a 0-0 draw. OVERALL GOLD WINNERS! We are so proud of the boys and look forward to returning next Monday for the final! Big thank you to Mr Groza who coached them during evening.


Boys Football—Park House Final Monday 9th December 2019 Well done to our boys who played football on Monday in the final of the Park House football tournament. We are so proud to say the boys managed to reach the last 9 teams out of 40, which is a huge achievement in itself! There was some really tough competition on the day, but it did not phase the boys, who put a lot of effort in and most importantly, had great fun


SPORT 2018-2019

Year 5/6 Indoor Boys football

The y5/6 boys football team kicked off their season in style on Wednesday, finishing second overall at a tournament held at Trinity.

After 4 games we were top of the table, dominating the other teams and looking very much the team to beat. Bobby’s lone goals vs

Hungerford and Shaw Cum Donnington was enough to secure 1-0 wins; before adding to his tally with two penalties against Parsons Down. Franklin’s relentless shoong from distance paid  off to make it 3-0 when his shot rocketed into the boHom le) corner, and Henry could have made it 4 had it not been for his shot coming back off the post! Our clean sheet was jinxed before our 4th game (against Thatcham Park) by Yuk

Year 5/6 Boys ESFA football tournament

The Y5/6 Boys teams’ weeks got busier last Thursday as we hosted a fun tournament with several other schools. Dozens of parents from each school turned out to support as well as several Y4 children (and Mrs Berry!) coming out to start some terrace chants as the boys played in the sunshine. Our first match was against John Rankin, who we had faced earlier in the week, and  our ‘First Game Curse’ returned as we succumbed to a 1-0 loss. The pace of the ball from the striker’s shot beat Sam at his le: side. However there was a stark improvement once the boys had warmed up and we held Springfield to a 0-0 draw, with more heroic saves from Sam and relentless defending from Yuki keeping us in it. Archie and Oscar in midfield (as well as Bobby and Mada upfront) all had shots veer off target as they desperately tried to score. This valuable point li:ed us off the boEom of the table and into conten2on for the silver medal. It wasn’t until our final match against Burghfield St Mary’s that the parents and Mr  Strickland could celebrate a goal with the boys. We were frustratingly down by 1-0 within the first 30 seconds but the boys showed great character and patience to put pressure on a then-complacent team. It paid off when Bobby crossed the ball into Archie, who curled it round the keeper into the top right corner. With the clock 2cking down and the teams looking set to be locked in stalemate, Bobby made a daring run into the box and whipped it home from a near-impossible angle. Benji and Franklin consistently tracked back and denied any further chances to ensure we came off the pitch with 3 points. The boys finished second place behind John Rankin and a great afternoon of football was enjoyed by everyone.

Year 5/6 Indoor Girls Football

The girls Y5/6 team started their season at a 5-a-side tournament against 6 schools held at Trinity school on a Wednesday. For Janisha and Favour it was their debut and for all the girls it was their first time being refereed by a daunting league official! A scrappy start while they found their feet ended in defeat to Birch Copse and favourites St Nicolas. Meenakshi was also working hard at the back alongside Janisha to tackle the ever-confident St Nicolas players. Rebecca had grown into the tackling game by the 3rd game me we faced Meadow Park and had three shots on target, but was denied by the keeper. At the other end, Favour (stepping in for the injured Lily), made brave save after save and inspired the tournament with some powerful goal kicks - one of which nearly went in the opposition goal! Beth put in a serious show in midfield and set up Rebecca against Speenhamland who finally got on the scoresheet with a well placed goal; a game that we were set to win until a late brace from their star player snatched the 3pts. Without any subs and with very  tired legs, the girls bravely drew out another draw against  Hermitage to finish 5th on the day. A special well done to Favour for winning Referee’s Player of the Tournament  while playing out of position (he didn’t even wait until the end of the tournament before handing her the medal!) and Janisha for stepping in at late notice for Olivia! We’re all excited to see what the whole team can go on to achieve later this season!

Football 'v' Robert Sandilands

Having got through the round of 16 by default after our opponents pulled  out, the Y5/6 Boys put on a dominant display against Robert Sandilands in the quarter-finals of the Bill McIlvride cup. Playing on a muddy pitch, the boys dug deep to take the lead twice and progress into the semi-finals of the tournament. Mada set the tone within the first 10 seconds, careering off the ball into the box before regaining possession and tucking the ball into the bo,om right corner. Cheers from the travelling fans spurred the boys on to stay in control for much of the first half, with lovely linkup play between Henry, Bobby and Franklin to frustrate the home defenders. Our opponents had some quality players but their attacks were stifled by Benji and Yuki’s tackles until a mishit clearance bounded back to the feet of their striker. He fired high above Sam’s head into the roof of the huge goals to equalise. However the boys still went into the break looking very much the better team. The second half started at a speedy pace, with Bobby immediately attacking the left flank and curlng into the box to curl the ball around the keeper and make it 2-1. Oscar looked likely to make it three as the ball was threaded through to him in front of an open goal, but he failed to get his knee over the ball and ended up pushng it over. “It was a disaster!” he later said, although he made up for it with a devilish shot seconds later that was on target but saved by the keeper. George helped dig in defensively as Robert Sandilands pushed to equalise and Yuki, growing in confidence, enjoyed a lot of 9me on the ball down the left wing. He was unlucky not to release Micah, in plenty of space in the middle, to try and wrap up the game; but thanks to two excellent saves from Sam in the second half, the score remained 2-1. We await details of who we will face in the semi-finals. Thank you to the parents who helped with transport and supported the boys in a great performance! 

Year 5/6 Boys Football Team make bronze medal

It was a fantastic evening of football for the spectating  parents and teachers as the Y5/6 Boys team dispatched several teams to take home Bronze medals at a tournament held at Park House. After warming up, we were quickly back to our winning ways, with Jerry scoring on his debut against Hungerford B team to ignite a brotherly rivalry with George, who also scored in his first match as an outfield player. Bobby poached two goals to secure a 4-0 victory. Jerry managed to flick the ball off his ear to score against Kingsclere, which alongside excellent defending from Yuki, was enough for the team to take 3 points from our first competitive meeting with the school. Sam swapped positions with George as goalkeeper and paired up with Franklin, with both boys ferociously defending Hungerford A team’s players; and it wasn’t long before Archie played a truly spectacular lobbed through ball into the path of  Bobby, who rifled it into the net to win 1- 0. Ollie managed to get in on the action and slid the ball home against Speenhamland and we were all set to win again, until the ball was scrapping bundled across the line after a corner. Sam’s sublime diving save to claw the ball out of the top le: corner meant we salvaged a point against a tough team. Finally, the boys went all out attack against a fiercely competative Winchcombe in a local derby. Talismanic Bobby rounded off his afternoon with a further two goals, assisted by George’s cross and another wonderful long ball from Franklin, that seemed to skim the grass like a stone before landing at the strikers feet. We finished the tournament with 13 points, having only lost one against tournament winner John Rankin, and narrowly beaten by  Speenhamland to second place by just one point! I hope the Bronze medals that they wear around their necks is reward enough for the fantas2c footballing display that the team put on for the parents and teachers. Well done boys!

SPORT 2016 - 2017

PE & Sports Premium

PE & Sport Premium is funding provided to primary schools, in additional to main school funding. This funding is ringfenced and therefore, can only be spent on the provision of PE and sport in schools. It is for schools to decide how the PE and Sport funding is spent, since they are best placed to assess what additional provision should be made to enhance the provision for PE in school. Schools are held accountable for how they have used the additional funding.

Quad Kids 2017

On Saturday 13th May a team of Year ¾ and a team of Year 5/6 went to take part in an interschool Athletics competition, with 500 participants at the event there was a lot of competition! Before the competition commenced the organiser from Park House explained to the children that this event is about having fun, achieving your personal best and being proud of what you have achieved. All our competitors most certainly lived up to these expectations, with many of them coming 1st , 2nd or 3rd in their events. Our Y3/4 team came 8th out of 25 teams and our Y5/6 team came 17th out of 25 teams. This is a fantastic achievement for all the children.

Sports for Schools

On Wednesday 22nd February we welcomed Luke Delahunty into school.Luke told us he was a soldier in the airforce travelling the world making lots of friends. Unfortunately he was in an accident that paralysed him from the chest down 20 years ago. As a need to be independent and fit again he took up sport, from water sking to scuba diving, he told us ‘’no matter what happens in life there is always a way’’ He later took up cycling to keep fit, which started as a way to make new friends and keep fit but resulted in him qualifying and taking part in the Invictus Games in two sports Rowing and Cycling, also meeting Prince Harry, Luke has used Sport to overcome his injuries. His goal was to be stronger and better than he was. The children and staff took part in a morning of high energy fun activities;  star jumps, spotty dogs, press ups and leg drives.

Mattee (Y2) - ‘’Awsome I loved it so much, I was sweating more than anyone!’’

The following children received a
special wristband as Luke felt they had worked really hard Alex, Hannah, Izzy, Betsie

Luke was a truly inspirational visitor whose advice to the children was;

‘’ Do the best you can in whatever you do.’’

His aim is to complete in The Invitus Games 2017 competing in Wheelchair rugby in addition to cycling and rowing.

We wish Luke luck with qualifying for The Invictus games 2017, and thank him for coming into our school.



Y1 & Y2 Football Festival

Well done to Year 1 / Year 2 Football team who competed in the KS1 Football festival at Park House on Monday 27th March. The children all represented our school very well and were commended on the spirit in which they took part in the competition. All the games were closely fought affairs and lots of fun was had by everyone! Highlights included a superb defensive tackle by Michal, two amazing goals by Jack and a quite extraordinary triple save sequence by goalkeeper Noah (one save with his face, one save with his shins and a third save with his hands!), with fearless Jessica and nimble Nico also taking turns in goal.  Dean, Bartosz and Oliver M showed fantastic team and ball skills with their attacking and defense.Well done to all the team, and congratulations on your medals.



Year 3/4 FA Skills

On Monday 27th March, our Year 3 / Year 4 football team took part in the FA Skills West Berkshire Finals night with the winning team going through to county finals.

They faced tough competition from Falkland at the start losing 2-0,but rallied for subsequent matches against Aldermaston and St Nic’s with a 0-0 draw against each.

Many thanks to Mr Gill for his time who has undertaken some additional coaching with the team in preparation.

Although the team didn’t proceed to the Country Finals they should be very proud of themselves for getting to the Finals stage.

Well done Franklin, Jimmy, Archie, Henry, Bobby , Oscar , Oliver K ,Rohan



NDPSFA Indoor 5 a-side tournament

Congratulations to the Year 3 / 4 boys team on making it to the NDPSFA Final on Wednesday 29th March, this is a fantastic achievement. There were some brilliant performances , amazing goals by Bobby and Henry, fantastic saves by Archie and Micah in goal, Oli and Franklin completing the teams fantastic performance with powerful tackles. Congratulations to St Finians who won overall, however our St Josephs team were awarded a special trophy, ‘’ NDPSFA Referees Team of the tournament ‘’ , this is a fantastic achievement and well deserved…well done boys!



Year 5/6 TAG Rugby

8 of our Year 5 / 6’s braved the cold and wind on Thursday 2nd March to take part in a TAG Rugby Festival. The team played fantastically.

Well done to Imogen, Issy , Eva, Kirstin, Haydn, Henry, Oliver and Lewis


Year 4 , Year 5 and Year 6 - NDPSFA 6 a-side football Tournament – 4th April 2017

24 schools took part in the NDPSFA 6 aside football tournament on Tuesday 4th April. This competition was open to boys from Year 4 , 5 and 6 and representatives were selected from across these 3 years for St Josephs.

It was immediate from the kick off that St Joseph’s were the stronger team as they dominated this first game against Inkpen, the game ended 1-0 to us. ‘’Brilliant assist from Bobby left me to do a simple dribble past the goalie’’ Thomas Henry Y6.

The second game against Hermitage highlighted the skills of the team, great goal keeping by Eddie aided by superb defending by Franklin and Ethan. A great run of the pitch by Cody and good shots at goal by Franklin and Lewis. The match ended 1-0 to us from a brilliant goal by Bobby. ‘’ Lewis did a quick roll in and it went to my feet and I scored’’ Bobby Y4

Our final match to qualify for the final was against Woolton Hill. This nail biting game would decide who would go through to the final from our league. The boys worked perfectly together as a team to secure a 0-0 result meaning we were through to the final against Downsway.  Despite losing this game 1-0, the boys kept at it to try and equalise but unfortunately it wasn't to be, but each and every player deserved their place in the final. ‘’ It was really good to get through to the final. I think our team put the effort in and it paid off’’ Franklin Y4