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Our History Curriculum Aims to:

At St Joseph’s our intention is to inspire curiosity and to develop children’s knowledge and skills to become historians. We have created a diverse curriculum that reflects and respects both our local heritage and the wider world; to give children a sense of where they come from at a family, local, national and global level. This will help the children to understand the process of change, the cause and effect of events, the diversity and relationships within and between communities, and highlight achievements and legacies. We encourage critical thinking, asking them to weigh evidence to develop their own perspective and judgements. To enable the children to express this knowledge and understanding, we teach a progression of oracy and metacognition skills throughout their wider learning. Our curriculum is designed to give children an enthusiasm for learning about the past.


 How is our History Curriculum Planned:

Across the school we use a wide range of starting points for our planning which we then build on to create medium term planning that is relevant to, and enhances the experiences of, our children. We ensure coverage of knowledge, vocabulary and skills through a range of exciting activities, theme days, workshops and museum trips in order to fully immerse them in the topic.


Progression Framework

Please see our History Progression of Skills document.


What are children say about History

"I really enjoyed learning about the Civil War because of the way it had a plot twist about Oliver Cromwell. Avyaktha" y5

"We learnt about how Maya people revolutionised many aspects of survival and how it has impacted our life today" Akash y6

"We went on a coach to Milestones museum, there were lots of wax Victorian people. We did activities like delivering letters to houses and shopped for food from the Co-op. We went to a Victorian school, the girls had to dress up in a white dress and the boys wore a black coat. It was a wonderful day out. Sophie" y2

Cromford Mill Visit - September 2023

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"I really loved learning about the Amazon rainforest, my favourite part was about deforestation and where it was located. Mohammad" y5

"We have been learning about the Indus Valley, it was fun as we even made our own seals. We also learned about the Romans and went on a trip to Bath, I enjoyed it a lot. Deeksha" y4