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Through the subject of computing we aim to give children the skills and opportunities to thrive in the modern world. At St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School our mission statement encourages children to ‘Follow in Jesus’ footsteps’ and this extends to the digital as well as the physical world, where we help children to become digital disciples and embody Jesus’ teaching in the online world. As well as this we recognise that our children come from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds and ensure that our computing curriculum supports all learners while helping them to speak the language of the digital world.

Our computing Curriculum Aims to:

Provide children with the skills and opportunities to problem solve using different tools.

Using computational thinking and creativity to solve problems

Teach children to be digital disciples, ensuring that they live out our message of ‘Following in Jesus’ foot steps’ in the online world.

Helping children to speak the language of the digital world through explicit vocabulary teaching.


Useful Documents

How we learn!

In our computing lessons we learn in lots of different ways.  Sometimes we use our computing suites, sometimes we are based in our classroom and other times we use the whole school. We also use a mixture of computers, physical hardware like Beebots and Tablets.

What we learn!

At St Joseph’s our learning helps us to follow out our mission statement – being digital disciples! We use the Teach Computing curriculum to help us with this and use programmes like Logo and Scratch to sharpen up our programming skills. If you would like to keep working using these programmes just click the links below: